lundi 27 septembre 2010

Too Cool For School.

So... here we go for a new article. I am so fed up working on exams for tomorrow. I take a break to begin this post. Well, so many things to show you recently! First of all I am quite excited because Hanin Elias, the amazing female singer from feu-Atari Teenage Riot (I prefer not to talk about their come-back...) is about to release a new album soon! After a dark-electropop masterpiece called Future Noir she is coming back with an album supposedly intitled Everywhere, Nowhere. I found some of the new songs on the web and it sounds fine. The french is really disturbing something between lame-chanson française and piano genius. I am really confused but the rest is good. She looks fabulous by the way. Atari Teenage Riot was so good in the 90's, I feel sorry when I see what kind of *@*$§*+* Alec Empire is now... Hanin goth look makes me think about Spark. That new whiteface-redlips-darkeyes singer is really beautiful and I like her fresh sound:

Pop music is really becoming more and more interesting lately, think I Blame Coco, Annie or Robyn for example. These people have that great capability to blend with all the cultures in the world and create something lucrative yet amazing. Gwen Stefani, my all time fav' totally embodies this idea with her video for Luxurious. I wonder why I didn't see it before, shame on me:

I mean... omg. She is the absolute woman. And she loves WAX clothes. It's so hard to choice between goth and ghetto imagery. I am always talking about Zola Jesus and Nicki Minaj, Lene Lovich and Va$htie... how to pick one style when something comes up with this amazing concept... ghetto goth:

I am so excited about Siouxsie sioux singing with Lil Kim' one day. Well, when we see ALL the negative comments this video has on Nitrolicious for example, it's obvious that this is not for tomorrow... :( But anyway, let's hope people will get it someday...

... we can wait listenning to amazing music like Disco Volante...

... Broken Doll...

***** I take the occasion to post pictures of that amazing japanese movie, Kamikaze Girls *****

***** And let's go back to the article *****

... or we can also watch movies from my new favorite director, Todd Solondz:

This man has understood everything. The gross from Gummo, the kitsh from Muriel, the desperate yet funny felling from Ghost World. He is my master, and he directed the beautiful Selma Clair with her stunning haircolor.

This amazing color fits her perfectly. Talking about movies, I am out of world since ive finally seen Heathers that must be the absolute teen movie. You guys have to watch it as soon as possible!

And I would like to finish with my Coup de Cœur of the month, RVIVR which is the best pop-punk band atm. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you're not satisfied... here are my last advice to be the coolest girl ever. You can start dancing Dramatics, wear a nose chain, ask Lea Nahon to make you a tattoo.

And if you find who sings this cover of LE TIGRE, consider yourself as the king/queen of my world ** ! **


mardi 21 septembre 2010


One post. One picture. The most beautiful woman on TV at the moment.
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