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Happy New Year!

New blog coming soon!


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Hey dolls.

I really wanted to do a new interview and I've came across this blogspot, amazing BADLANDS777. It is owned by three splendid girls with great personnalities and references. They are like the coolest girls to hang with.

1) First question, boring one... can you introduce yourself in few words.

The badlands bitches are Jade (brown hair) 22, Lilli (blonde hair) 22 and Chloe (blue hair) 24. We are all from Essex which is about 45 minutes outside of London. By label Myself (jade) and Chloe are sisters and Lilli is my soul mate, label aside we are all sisters and soul mates. Badlands is our first born, who we share equal custody of.

2) I have always been fascinated by teenage (first love affairs, self introspection, shitty tastes, self detestation...). What kind of teenagers were you?

Jade- Up until the age of 16 i was heavily into really cheesy r n b/hip hop music like destiny's child or fabolous. I would only fancy rude boys and thought the world revolved around boys and patrick cox shoes. As a teenager i was heavily influenced and obsessed by my older sister (chloe). She was everything that i wasn't.... loud, naughty and a general badass babe. She is definitely to thank or to blame for the person i am today. I guess when i started to venture out of the armpit of a town that i was born in about aged 17, i changed. I made new friends, became obsessed with bands and was a general tosser.... i fucking miss those days. I would for sure like to meet my teenage self and party with her. TEENRAGE YEARS I MISS YOU.

Chloe- Most of my teenage years where spent biting my nails, throwing house parties and creating aggro (trouble),hanging out on the streets thinking I was the coolest(defiantly wasn't). I moved to London when I was 16 and started work and grew even bigger balls. I was a massive RnB lover as well, Jade put me on the path of good music but she is still a secret usher fan.

Lilli- teen rage years were my favourite. you're fresh & unbreakable, you can spit, you can jump on a tour bus and travel 300 miles across the country, you can kiss your best friend & call it 'experimenting', you can spend all of your money on clothes, drugs & cigarettes, you can eat chinese food for breakfast and pancakes for dinner, you can spend the entire party puking up the litre of vodka you drank on the journey, you can cry uncontrollably over the boy you like who you just saw kissing another girl, you can rage for 7 days straight, you can steal a pair of knickers your mum won't buy you, you can have the best night of your life all because you didn't get asked for I.D & after all this shit you still look totally banging after a disco nap.

3) What would be your perfect line up for an all female festival (music, cinema, writers) ?

Jade- TLC, Lil Kim, babes in toyland, Spice girls, The Breeders, Jennifer Herrema. If Angelina Jolie wants to somehow magically transform her self back to her younger years and strip for us on stage,id have no problems with that.

Lilli- The runaways, poison ivy, 7 year bitch, da brat, kim gordon, shirley manson, stevie nicks, janis joplin, slymenstra hymen, destiny's child, kaci

Chloe- Spice girls, Diana Ross, Juliette Lewis, Carol King, siouxsie sioux.

4) What's your job? Any dream job?

All i can say is that were all in the process of doing really exciting shit. Our dream job would be to transform badlands into the raddest cult shop selling everything to anything: 90's memorabilia, clothing, bondage underwear, music, coffee and tea, jewellery, sweets. We'd have a roller dicso and a cinema, it would be the best place on planet earth/hell.

5) Your blog is pretty recent but you've already collected some amazing pictures. What are your favorite inspirations in terms of imagery, fashion style, life philosophy?

Jade- I get inspired from simply hanging out with my friends. Whether its going on roadtrips, laying in bed watching movies or painting the town red. As i have already said my sister is probably my biggest inspiration in terms of her general attitude and approach to life and visually. When she isn't ruling my world i look to images of the 90's, the riot grrrl movement, american white trash, the face/sassy/russh/ID magazine, sub- cultures, 70's groupies e.g. Bebe Buell & Pamela Des Barres. Girl bands of all genres are a big inspiration for me. My philosophy to life would be to approach it Head on. Personally i always think its better to do something and regret it after rather than always wondering what if. Any experience is a experience worth experiencing.

Chloe -I get most of my inspiration from the girls really and living in london i only have to go for a walk in camden and my brain fills up with exciting shit. My life philosophy.... hmmmmm... never follow the rules. 90's girl groups make me happy. My mum and dad's vintage moschino and versace clothing inspire me to be bold and not give a fuck. Glastonbury is pretty much my favorite place on earth, the inspiration you can get from people watching, exploring all the different areas, losing your mind and dancing until you can't feel your legs, both inspires and ruins me.

Lilli- my baddies, gregg araki movies, skateboarders, hell's angels, porn stars, heart throbs, americana, britpop, 70's rock n roll bands, 80's punk bands, 90's heavy metal bands, nouvelle vague, teenagers, tramps, outspoken women, daredevils, etc etc

6) I've seen you're pretty obsessed with Drew Barrymore. I loved her in the past but now she's a bit disappointing don't you think? Well, Whip it is based on a fabulous idea but the whole movie is just fine in my view. Have you ever been interested in doing rollerderby?

We all fucking adore the shit out of Drew. She seems like the coolest chick ever. We would all like to sit down and lick her bumhole a lot. Whip it is a buff movie, its beauty lies in its simplicity. The soundtrack is pretty good too. Speaking of good recent movies, you should check out The is shot so great.

7) One of you has the COOLEST black/blue hair ever. Tell us a bit more about your hair. Any difficulties? disasters? dream? I love talking about hair.

Thankfully Chloe is a rad hairdresser so she colors all of our hair. We are all hair obsessed, particularly with long hair. On both boys and girls it can transform a face of disgrace into a face of grace. You could call us hair sluts.

8) This picture; on your blog is from a Virginie Despentes book cinema adaptation. Do you know her? What are your favorite French stuff? Ever been in France?

Baise Moi is a good movie, its refreshing to see girls kicking arse instead of being left heartbroken by men. We have all been to France- Paris, Bergerac, St tropez. Visually its a stunning country. We would like to be shown the more grittier, dirty parts of France. You have quite a high brow culture which isn't always our cup of tea, but hey we ain't mad at it. We would like to thank France for producing Eva Green, Vanessa Paradis, purple magazine and Brigitte Bardot.

9) I noticed you girls like My So Called Life; I was so sad when I knew it was cancelled. If it was still on tv, what kind of life would you imagine for the main characters...?

My so called life fucking rules, it baffles us why its lifespan was so short. Id like to imagine Angela and Jordan Catalano going strong with handfuls of beautiful offspring. Rayanne would be living in a squat, fronting a shitty girl punk band. Ricky would be president or something equally major.

9) Your photoshoot "KILLING THE TEEN DREAM" = "I did it, I killed the Teen Dream...Deal with it!" = Jawbreaker = best movie ever = Rose is amazing ?

Yeah we dressed up as dead prom queens for Halloween. Our idea pretty much stemmed from that quote. I wish they made more movies like Jawbreaker nowadays. Rose is incredible, that titty and arse flashing dress she wore to some awards ceremony.......damn girl. She seems like a tough bitch too.

10) To finish I'm going to tell you some words and I want you to tell me one word in return:

sorry we arn't minimalists and couldn't answer in one word.
- Nail Art (I always ask this one ♥): is like so 2010
- Justin Bieber: Teen pop in its worst form
- Feminist porn: any porn is just fine by us
- Gender: girls who are boys who like boys to be girls
- Alice Dellal: wouldn't kick her out of bed

Thank you so much to you rad gurlz and you reader go check their blog and also their favorites.


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"I think what I often see is that people are frightened of fashion, and that...because it scares them or it makes them feel insecure, they put it down. On the whole, people that say demeaning things...about our world, I think that's usually because they feel in some ways...excluded or, you know, not part of the cool group. So as a result, they just mock it. Just because you like to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress...or a, I don't know, pair of J Brand blue jeans that, you know, instead of something basic from K-Mart, it doesn't mean that you're a dumb person. There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous." Anna Wintour

Ok, this is going be a fashion post for sure. I have always been very much inspired by fashion design and I would like to focus here on few things that really caught my attention lately. First of all, Ive been totally blown away by Anita Quansah's work. Her necklaces are like the most exquisite thing ive seen in AGES. This is so beautiful, full of details and colors. Her subtil Robert John Thornton inspiration works so well with the oriental feeling in her composition. She has been working to develop and promote recycled textile (oh, great).

And, last but not least, she has collaborated with one my all time fav designer, Christian Lacroix. I am so sad when I think about Lacroix bankruptcy. He was (and still is) such a great artist.

I mean I cannot even describe how close to perfection he is. He even dares to put big earrings with a white wedding dress. Perfect match for a future chola-but-classy married woman. Oh I would love to spend few days in Paris, in the hostel he designed. It is so beautiful, refined and darkly romantic of course.

I would love to relax in one of these bedrooms, listenning to Jex Thoth and trying to draw Sung Jin Kim's beyond-words painting.

His last runway was stunning. Even more when we know he has no money to do it and managed to get free materials to create the whole collection. He closed Lacroix story with his natural elegancy.

... I can't help myself posting these wonderful pictures to close this post. I know everybody has posted them but... it is like the most amazing fashion pictures ive seen so far. The Russian influence, the Lacroix inspiration, the witch face... so many things that I love. Lamija Suljevic is lovely ♥.

and Holly Fulton

"It's almost like old film that's faded. I love when it goes soft and even sometimes if there's movement, there's a little blur on things. But I don't know. Everybody seems to like things pin-sharp these days. I think it's a shame." Grace Coddington (Creative Director)

dimanche 31 octobre 2010


When I first saw Lovers on IndieBubbles i was like "omg they look like a new The Organ". I was so sad when the former split up btw. I went on their myspace (yes, myspace is still alive and ready for big changes) right away and listenned to them like 10 times in a row. They do sound like The Organ but they have their own personnality for sure. I higly recommend you to dl/buy/listem to them if you're into bands like Tegan and Sara, Judy!, Terror Bird or Scanners for example and like female vocalists.

They're cute and they offer lots of goodies on their website! At last an indie band with a decent website! I'm so happy some people still think a myspace or a FB page is not a real website. Here are some questions I asked them few days ago...

1) What's the story behind the band's name?

Its a lens in which you can see a beautiful life.

2) How's life in Porland? What's your opinion about the local scene - Any favorite bands?

Portland is a very supportive environment with lots of bands and art. We love it there. We are really into the bands lavender mirror and lesbians.

3) What kind of teenagers were you (any obsessions, funny stories) ?
Emily- I spanned many teenage social groups, obsessed with Madonna and was voted "most unique" in the yearbook.
Kerby - Homecoming queen in totally chaotic oversized clothing and carried a plastic samurai sword in my backpack. I was everybodys friend and totally misserable.
Carolyn - I most likely had a Gap sweater and loafers on, probably pretty shy, the editor of the literary magazine. I knew it was going to get better and it did.

3) Your album is really dark and beautiful. It reminds me of The Organ with a Tegan ans Sara influence. Do you like them? What are your influences?
We are influenced by our community, the people around us, each other and exceptional music of all kinds.

4) Tell us a bit more about the lyrics. I am pretty amazed by their quality. Influence in literature?
We love Carolyns lyrics!

(♥ I believe in Cedar Falls.
And I know I'm no miracle but I long to see your face
dried from crying and learning that you love to live.
If you ask a dead man what he's learned from dying he'd say,
"Give and give and give. That's how you live."
I believe in Cedar Falls ♥)

4) What are your favorite artists (music, movies, books) at the moment? Who would you like to work with?
The knife, Yoko Ono, Light Assylum, Tami Hart, Emily Baker, Tara Jepsen, Michelle Tea.

5) I really like your video. I think it totally fits your imagery and universe. Did you like to do it?
We don't know which one you need but we love making videos! ;)

6) You are making a lot of shows at the moment. Do you enjoy doing gigs? How is the public? Any unexpected surprises?

Our shows have been awesome and so has the public.
7) I am going to tell you some words, just tell me a word in return:

Pitchfork: Gardening
Gregg Araki: Who?
Queercore scene: The Haggard
This is England: This dyke is a hypebomb
Grunge: Donna Dresch
Riot girl: Her other bike is a broom
Feminism: Plants
Nail Art: Buddhish
Vogue: Men's Fashion , women's voices

Thank you very much!

Now you know how amazing Lovers are, I think you should also try some other bands that I love at the moment. To begin with, Whoa Hunx, sort of mix between Be Your Own Pet and Mika Miko. They're crazy and make amazing music. The singer is super cute and they're so obscur that they only have 11 listenners on (my sanctuary)

A very special friend of mine also announced me that Julie Christmas, the amazing singer from the fabulous band Made out of babies is releasing solo album at the moment! She has always been one of my fav.

She's wild, sexy and stands in the angry girls front. By the way, the cover of the album is AWESOME.



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Boring boring boring.

Hey Dolls!

First of all, here is Wendy Delorme's wordpress. I am so proud she decided to start her blog again after our interview. Make sure you visit it and read her first great article.


Then, don't forget that I have another blog called Saddest Landscape in reference to the best screamo band ever. I have just posted a new article with a female pop-punk compilation. Awesome tracklist, awesome women. A MUST HAVE guys!

Open Your eyes, and see beyond the rain. You're at the threshold of brighter days.

You can dl every single album on the blog because my partner, Thibault, has amazing tastes. You can trust us. Thibault also co present a radio program about Punk/Hardcore, you can find extra information here. Highly Recommended.


Talking about female vocals, I have just discovered two amazing bands: Summer Twins and Cowabunga Babes. I am sure you'll be super-obscure on if you listen to them now. They just appeared on Girl Crush which is always a great source for discoveries. I also came across this dark and arty video by Lykke Li for Solarium:

I mean... OMG. She is so beautiful. I can totally imagine her collaborating with bands like Einsturzende Neubauten or Coil. She has that strong and weird aura.

(yes, HURTS did not invent anything...)

That new tribalistic trend is growing bigger and bigger. And I realize I have never posted any Alek Wek pictures here. Actually, she is the most stunning black model out there.

And it leads us to the best fashion blog i've visited in AGES. Ladyfag is like a Frida creation mixed with a crazy Rossi de Palma and Monica Cervera inspiration. I love her blog. Is it pure spanish/mysterious genious.

To conclude, I wanted to talk about the new Gregg Araki's movie. But honnestly I am SO disappointed that I prefer not to. I prefer watching The Living End and cry for the emptiness of Kaboom. Talking about sadness, i have just found the song of my pre-teenage years. Always breaks my heart when I hear it...



lundi 25 octobre 2010

Wendy Delorme

Picture: Emilie Jouvet

This new article is dedicated to Wendy Delorme. One of my all-time favorite woman. She is outrageously sexy and clever and she wrote great books that I higly recommand you to read. Here is a quite long interview I have done with her throught Facebook. I am really happy she decided to answer these questions and I thank her very much. The interview is in French and I am a bit busy at the moment to translate it... if someone is interested.

1. J’ai toujours été passionné par l’adolescence et toutes les émotions que cette période traîne avec elle (que ce soit dans la musique, les séries, les films). Quel genre d’adolescente étais-tu ? Est-ce que tu as en tête un film ou un album par exemple qui serait pour toi symbolique de cette période?

Passionnée. Pas réaliste pour un sou. Plongée dans les bouquins. Romanesque. Rêvant de rencontrer Victor Hugo ou un équivalent contemporain. Posant pour des peintres et des sculpteurs après les cours. Ça pourra te sembler curieux mais l'album qui me reste de cette période (c'était la période...) c'est l'Unplugged de Nirvana. Mes amis qui faisaient du heavy metal se moquaient de moi parce que je l'écoutais en boucle dans mon walkman (oui on avait encore des walkman avec des cassettes...). Je pense que plein d'ados de l'époque se sont retrouvés dans cet album. Le côté désespéré de l'adolescence, le chanteur suicidé, etc. Le grunge était à son point culminant dans la période où j'étais ado. Maintenant ça me fait sourire. Mais à l'époque j'écoutais ça en boucle, je lisais les Quatre mousquetaires d'Alexandre Dumas, Chéri de Colette, et tout ça faisait plutôt bon ménage dans ma tête. Ah et Les Fleurs du mal évidemment. Que mon meilleur ami et moi nous lisions mutuellement à voix haute assis sur les marches de la vieille église dans la vieille ville après les cours. C'est lui qui faisait du heavy metal et se moquait de moi à cause de Nirvana. Voilà. Une adolescence … banale je dirais.

2. A la lecture de tes livres on voit que tu as beaucoup de références culturelles. Venant de la génération internet j’ai passé des années de ma vie à mettre en favoris des centaines de pages et à fouiner partout et j’adore avoir des références sur plein de choses. De ton côté, tu te sers beaucoup d’internet ou tu aimes bien passer par des supports plus «oldschool » comme les zines par exemple ? D’ailleurs es-tu une adepte des zines et si oui en as-tu déjà eu un ?

Je n'ai pas fait de zine. J'ai distribué des polycopiés de textes après des lectures dans des bars. Qui ont été publiés plus tard, en version longue. Maintenant j'y pense, à faire un zine... en fait je prends surtout plaisir à les trouver, dans les cafés, dans les soirées. J'en ai une petite collection. Il y a parfois des perles qu'on ne retrouve nulle part, même pas sur des blogs.

3. a)Les thèmes que tu abordes et les livres que tu cites sont souvent bien plus développés aux USA qu’en France. Quel est ton avis sur la scène féministe pro sexe/queer/etc en France ? Penses tu qu’il sera un jour possible d’avoir une scène vraiment active dans l’hexagone ?

a) Il y a une scène culturelle active, pas tout à fait la même qu'aux Etats-Unis, on n'a par exemple pas la même scène littéraire, à San Francisco il y a des lectures publiques dans des cafés, organisées notamment par l'écrivaine Michelle Tea, qui fait tourner le groupe d'auteur-e-s Sister Spit des plus grandes librairies aux salles les plus underground. Elle est venue à Paris l'an dernier faire une lecture à Shakespeare & cie. C'était un joli moment. La scène queer se partage entre militantisme, manif et soirées, plus ou moins politisées, comme aux Etats-Unis ça pense, ça s'agite, ça frictionne aussi pas mal. Mais ça bouge.

b) Toi qui as fait de la traduction pour Lydia Lunch par exemple, tu te sentirais pas de traduire des livres que tu cites pour nous les faire découvrir? Genre Valencia (Live Girls) de Michelle Tea? C'est quelque chose qui te plairait?

Judy Minx (actrice) avec qui j'ai travaillé a commencé de sa propre initiative une traduction de Valencia, le premier roman de Michelle Tea. Je rêve de le voir publié en France, de même que d'autres romans, de la même vague. J'ai sollicité quelques éditeurs français. Les traductions ce n'est pas évident à faire publier vu le contexte économique actuel de l'édition en France mais j'ai bon espoir. C'est une voix qui mérite d'être entendue et lue en France.

4. Quels sont tes guilty pleasures musicaux, cinématographiques… ?

Je ne suis pas très musique figure-toi. J'aime le silence quand je suis à la maison je n'allume jamais la radio ou la télé je n'écoute pas de musique pour écrire. Je lis plus que je vais au cinéma. Mon plaisir préféré est la lecture. D'ailleurs le plus beau livre que j'ai lu récemment est "L'homme qui tomba amoureux de la lune". Je crois que ce roman parle... de tout. De filiation, de meurtres, de vie, d'amour, de haine, de la conquête des Etats-Unis et du massacre des indiens, de la nature, de l'alcool, des bisons et des Mormons, du racisme, des bien-pensants, de la pourriture puritaine, d'inceste et de rédemption, de prostitution, d'homosexualité, de la beauté du monde. Je ne m'en suis pas encore vraiment remise (ndlr: il me le faut!)

5. La troupe avec laquelle tu te produis est vraiment cool avec des personnalités bien différentes mais qui crée une bonne cohérence artistique. Cette ambiance un peu « gang » te correspond elle ? Qu’est ce qui te plait dans le fait de faire partie d’une troupe ?

C'était une troupe éphémère, créée pour faire un film, réalisé par Emilie Jouvet, un docu road movie qui s'appelle "Too much pussy", et qui fait maintenant le tour des festivals. On voulait vraiment illustrer ça, justement. Le Gang de Filles. Le voyage, l'aventure, la route, la création.
Sinon j'ai fait partie d'une troupe de burlesque parisienne pendant 3 ans, et d'une formation drag-burlesque de trois personnes avec Louise de Ville et Mister Mister; On a aussi beaucoup voyagé, de Chicago à Rome, en passant par Athènes, Londres, Lyon, Bordeaux, Berlin... les capitales et les plus petites villes. Ça fait un an que je me consacre surtout à l'écriture et que je ne suis pas montée sur scène. La scène ne me manque pas vraiment, mais ce qui me manque c'est le gang de filles, c'est le voyage, c'est les nuits blanches après les spectacles, et même l'épuisement de la tournée, maintenant que j'ai eu le temps de me reposer! Mon rêve maintenant ce serait une tournée d'auteur-e-s. Mais pour cela il faut un minimum de budget au départ. Pour organiser la tournée d'artistes en 2009 qui a donné lieu au film "Too Much Pussy", on a levé tous les fonds nous-mêmes en organisant des soirées, une par mois, pendant un an, on a donc commencé la tournée en étant déjà sur les genoux. J'aimerais vraiment monter une tournée d'auteur-e-s, mais pour cela il faut trouver des subventions. Je ne veux pas re-tenter l'autoproduction de cette façon, j'avais l'énergie de l'inconscience je crois et surtout une super partenaire, Emilie, qui travaille dur et a fait un vrai bon film avec ce projet. Alors à voir... il faudrait une vraie équipe dédiée au projet. Pas seulement deux filles motivées et têtes brûlées!

Pour plus d'infos allez voir la présentation du film sur le sujet d'Emilie Jouvet, et blog wordpress qui raconte les épisodes de la tournée, racontés par les performeuses (textes en français et anglais).

6. Je crois savoir que tu as donné (donne?) des cours de communication/marketing. J’aimais savoir comment tu réussies à gérer tes aspirations plutôt libertaires et ce domaine qui est assez stéréotypé et vicié? De plus, je serais curieux de connaître un peu plus ton rapport avec le système éducatif du coup.

Le marketing et le publicité sont un de mes objets de recherche universitaire. Mes cours portent notamment sur les stéréotypes sociaux et leurs usages dans les discours et les images publicitaires. Je trouve le monde de l'entreprise en général assez dysfonctionnel d'un point de vue humain et souvent violent d'un point de vue symbolique (et ce n'est pas propre qu'à l'univers de la publicité). Étudier la publicité et le monde de l'entreprise comme objet de recherche est en revanche passionnant. J'ai donc choisi de faire de la recherche universitaire et de l'enseignement. J'aime apprendre et enseigner. C'est un atavisme familial je crois car ma grand-mère était enseignante. On est en plein dans la reproduction des habitus sociaux ;)

7. Quel rapport entretiens-tu avec les hommes gays en général ? (Personnellement je dois dire que je me sens beaucoup plus proche des thématiques développées la plupart du temps par des femmes lesbiennes/féministes que par des hommes gays)

Un grand classique: mon meilleur ami actuel est gay. Je ne sais pas si c'est très important. Ça l'est je crois car il est la première personne que j'ai rencontrée durant mes études qui était «out» de façon assumée, et heureux en plein jour tel qu'il était, sans se cacher, sans compromis. Il m'a inspiré je crois pas mal de forces. Sinon je ne sais pas quoi te dire à part qu'il y a beaucoup de façons différentes d'être gay... depuis les militants de la première heure jusqu'aux gym queens du Marais... difficile d'opérer des généralités...

8. Si tu devais t’adresse à un novice pour lui faire connaître ton univers. Quel serait les œuvres clés que tu lui conseillerais (livres, films…) ?

En vrac: King Kong théorie. Valencia. Godspeed. Claudine à l'école. Cry Baby. Almodovar. Annie Sprinkle. Carol queen. Le rire de la méduse. Et aussi Audre Lorde qui n'est pas très lue en France mais a une voix puissante et merveilleuse.

9. Est-ce que tu as des obsessions récentes ou des découvertes que tu voudrais faire partager ?

MLF, textes premiers. Un ouvrage sorti récemment, à lire absolument. Les textes premiers du mouvement de libération des femmes. L'humour, la force, la joie à l'état pur.

10. Je vais te donner une liste de mots et l’idée c’est que tu y répondes simplement avec un mot :

- Vintage : fashion.
- Nail art : pas pratique.
- Pamela Anderson : pas de vie privée.
- Russie : pas encore mis les pieds.
- Le dernier Despentes ? Mutantes? Apocalypse bébé? A voir. A lire.
- Catwalk : podium.
- Anais Nin : délicatesse. Décadence. Concision dans l'exhaustivité.
- John Waters : oui, évidemment.
- 21ème siècle : c'est arrivé quand j'avais 20 ans. On s'y habitue peu à peu.

Picture: Lynn SK.

To conclude, here are some other strong women that I love :)


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