mardi 30 novembre 2010


Hey dolls.

I really wanted to do a new interview and I've came across this blogspot, amazing BADLANDS777. It is owned by three splendid girls with great personnalities and references. They are like the coolest girls to hang with.

1) First question, boring one... can you introduce yourself in few words.

The badlands bitches are Jade (brown hair) 22, Lilli (blonde hair) 22 and Chloe (blue hair) 24. We are all from Essex which is about 45 minutes outside of London. By label Myself (jade) and Chloe are sisters and Lilli is my soul mate, label aside we are all sisters and soul mates. Badlands is our first born, who we share equal custody of.

2) I have always been fascinated by teenage (first love affairs, self introspection, shitty tastes, self detestation...). What kind of teenagers were you?

Jade- Up until the age of 16 i was heavily into really cheesy r n b/hip hop music like destiny's child or fabolous. I would only fancy rude boys and thought the world revolved around boys and patrick cox shoes. As a teenager i was heavily influenced and obsessed by my older sister (chloe). She was everything that i wasn't.... loud, naughty and a general badass babe. She is definitely to thank or to blame for the person i am today. I guess when i started to venture out of the armpit of a town that i was born in about aged 17, i changed. I made new friends, became obsessed with bands and was a general tosser.... i fucking miss those days. I would for sure like to meet my teenage self and party with her. TEENRAGE YEARS I MISS YOU.

Chloe- Most of my teenage years where spent biting my nails, throwing house parties and creating aggro (trouble),hanging out on the streets thinking I was the coolest(defiantly wasn't). I moved to London when I was 16 and started work and grew even bigger balls. I was a massive RnB lover as well, Jade put me on the path of good music but she is still a secret usher fan.

Lilli- teen rage years were my favourite. you're fresh & unbreakable, you can spit, you can jump on a tour bus and travel 300 miles across the country, you can kiss your best friend & call it 'experimenting', you can spend all of your money on clothes, drugs & cigarettes, you can eat chinese food for breakfast and pancakes for dinner, you can spend the entire party puking up the litre of vodka you drank on the journey, you can cry uncontrollably over the boy you like who you just saw kissing another girl, you can rage for 7 days straight, you can steal a pair of knickers your mum won't buy you, you can have the best night of your life all because you didn't get asked for I.D & after all this shit you still look totally banging after a disco nap.

3) What would be your perfect line up for an all female festival (music, cinema, writers) ?

Jade- TLC, Lil Kim, babes in toyland, Spice girls, The Breeders, Jennifer Herrema. If Angelina Jolie wants to somehow magically transform her self back to her younger years and strip for us on stage,id have no problems with that.

Lilli- The runaways, poison ivy, 7 year bitch, da brat, kim gordon, shirley manson, stevie nicks, janis joplin, slymenstra hymen, destiny's child, kaci

Chloe- Spice girls, Diana Ross, Juliette Lewis, Carol King, siouxsie sioux.

4) What's your job? Any dream job?

All i can say is that were all in the process of doing really exciting shit. Our dream job would be to transform badlands into the raddest cult shop selling everything to anything: 90's memorabilia, clothing, bondage underwear, music, coffee and tea, jewellery, sweets. We'd have a roller dicso and a cinema, it would be the best place on planet earth/hell.

5) Your blog is pretty recent but you've already collected some amazing pictures. What are your favorite inspirations in terms of imagery, fashion style, life philosophy?

Jade- I get inspired from simply hanging out with my friends. Whether its going on roadtrips, laying in bed watching movies or painting the town red. As i have already said my sister is probably my biggest inspiration in terms of her general attitude and approach to life and visually. When she isn't ruling my world i look to images of the 90's, the riot grrrl movement, american white trash, the face/sassy/russh/ID magazine, sub- cultures, 70's groupies e.g. Bebe Buell & Pamela Des Barres. Girl bands of all genres are a big inspiration for me. My philosophy to life would be to approach it Head on. Personally i always think its better to do something and regret it after rather than always wondering what if. Any experience is a experience worth experiencing.

Chloe -I get most of my inspiration from the girls really and living in london i only have to go for a walk in camden and my brain fills up with exciting shit. My life philosophy.... hmmmmm... never follow the rules. 90's girl groups make me happy. My mum and dad's vintage moschino and versace clothing inspire me to be bold and not give a fuck. Glastonbury is pretty much my favorite place on earth, the inspiration you can get from people watching, exploring all the different areas, losing your mind and dancing until you can't feel your legs, both inspires and ruins me.

Lilli- my baddies, gregg araki movies, skateboarders, hell's angels, porn stars, heart throbs, americana, britpop, 70's rock n roll bands, 80's punk bands, 90's heavy metal bands, nouvelle vague, teenagers, tramps, outspoken women, daredevils, etc etc

6) I've seen you're pretty obsessed with Drew Barrymore. I loved her in the past but now she's a bit disappointing don't you think? Well, Whip it is based on a fabulous idea but the whole movie is just fine in my view. Have you ever been interested in doing rollerderby?

We all fucking adore the shit out of Drew. She seems like the coolest chick ever. We would all like to sit down and lick her bumhole a lot. Whip it is a buff movie, its beauty lies in its simplicity. The soundtrack is pretty good too. Speaking of good recent movies, you should check out The is shot so great.

7) One of you has the COOLEST black/blue hair ever. Tell us a bit more about your hair. Any difficulties? disasters? dream? I love talking about hair.

Thankfully Chloe is a rad hairdresser so she colors all of our hair. We are all hair obsessed, particularly with long hair. On both boys and girls it can transform a face of disgrace into a face of grace. You could call us hair sluts.

8) This picture; on your blog is from a Virginie Despentes book cinema adaptation. Do you know her? What are your favorite French stuff? Ever been in France?

Baise Moi is a good movie, its refreshing to see girls kicking arse instead of being left heartbroken by men. We have all been to France- Paris, Bergerac, St tropez. Visually its a stunning country. We would like to be shown the more grittier, dirty parts of France. You have quite a high brow culture which isn't always our cup of tea, but hey we ain't mad at it. We would like to thank France for producing Eva Green, Vanessa Paradis, purple magazine and Brigitte Bardot.

9) I noticed you girls like My So Called Life; I was so sad when I knew it was cancelled. If it was still on tv, what kind of life would you imagine for the main characters...?

My so called life fucking rules, it baffles us why its lifespan was so short. Id like to imagine Angela and Jordan Catalano going strong with handfuls of beautiful offspring. Rayanne would be living in a squat, fronting a shitty girl punk band. Ricky would be president or something equally major.

9) Your photoshoot "KILLING THE TEEN DREAM" = "I did it, I killed the Teen Dream...Deal with it!" = Jawbreaker = best movie ever = Rose is amazing ?

Yeah we dressed up as dead prom queens for Halloween. Our idea pretty much stemmed from that quote. I wish they made more movies like Jawbreaker nowadays. Rose is incredible, that titty and arse flashing dress she wore to some awards ceremony.......damn girl. She seems like a tough bitch too.

10) To finish I'm going to tell you some words and I want you to tell me one word in return:

sorry we arn't minimalists and couldn't answer in one word.
- Nail Art (I always ask this one ♥): is like so 2010
- Justin Bieber: Teen pop in its worst form
- Feminist porn: any porn is just fine by us
- Gender: girls who are boys who like boys to be girls
- Alice Dellal: wouldn't kick her out of bed

Thank you so much to you rad gurlz and you reader go check their blog and also their favorites.


lundi 1 novembre 2010


"I think what I often see is that people are frightened of fashion, and that...because it scares them or it makes them feel insecure, they put it down. On the whole, people that say demeaning things...about our world, I think that's usually because they feel in some ways...excluded or, you know, not part of the cool group. So as a result, they just mock it. Just because you like to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress...or a, I don't know, pair of J Brand blue jeans that, you know, instead of something basic from K-Mart, it doesn't mean that you're a dumb person. There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous." Anna Wintour

Ok, this is going be a fashion post for sure. I have always been very much inspired by fashion design and I would like to focus here on few things that really caught my attention lately. First of all, Ive been totally blown away by Anita Quansah's work. Her necklaces are like the most exquisite thing ive seen in AGES. This is so beautiful, full of details and colors. Her subtil Robert John Thornton inspiration works so well with the oriental feeling in her composition. She has been working to develop and promote recycled textile (oh, great).

And, last but not least, she has collaborated with one my all time fav designer, Christian Lacroix. I am so sad when I think about Lacroix bankruptcy. He was (and still is) such a great artist.

I mean I cannot even describe how close to perfection he is. He even dares to put big earrings with a white wedding dress. Perfect match for a future chola-but-classy married woman. Oh I would love to spend few days in Paris, in the hostel he designed. It is so beautiful, refined and darkly romantic of course.

I would love to relax in one of these bedrooms, listenning to Jex Thoth and trying to draw Sung Jin Kim's beyond-words painting.

His last runway was stunning. Even more when we know he has no money to do it and managed to get free materials to create the whole collection. He closed Lacroix story with his natural elegancy.

... I can't help myself posting these wonderful pictures to close this post. I know everybody has posted them but... it is like the most amazing fashion pictures ive seen so far. The Russian influence, the Lacroix inspiration, the witch face... so many things that I love. Lamija Suljevic is lovely ♥.

and Holly Fulton

"It's almost like old film that's faded. I love when it goes soft and even sometimes if there's movement, there's a little blur on things. But I don't know. Everybody seems to like things pin-sharp these days. I think it's a shame." Grace Coddington (Creative Director)
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