dimanche 22 août 2010

Bang Bang.

Back to school, back to reality. I was going to talk about garage music. Because I've found that new Garage Community. So I spent hours looking for videos tagged "female" within the media section. But finaly I think it will be my next post. I'm not really in the mood. I feel so low at the moment. When I am in a sad period like that, I'm always looking for old stuff I liked. Nostalgia is always a good way for me to relax. I've been doing some screeshots from amazingly horrible movies that I loved when I was younger. Girls were so COOL in the 90's, no doubt.

Steve Urkel was cool but wait a minute, was he really amazing compared to the love of his life? Kellie Shanygne Williams alias Laura Winslow was my fav'. At the end, she even had that typical 90's haircut that was so cool. I can't find any pictures but Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins from TLC had the same haircut in their cvlt video Unpretty.

Left Eye forever in my heart.

Can you imagine being so beautiful and stylish. I think it's beyond words.

Grungy girls coming in to the church to see Whoopi Goldberg singing with the nuns. Instant classic scene.

I've finaly found the amazing pilot of the TV serie Gregg Araki made for MTV. Of course, it was when MTV was cool. Long time ago. But they never continued it, too bad. Anyway you can watch it, like it, screenshot it... PURE 90's PERFECTION.

And finaly, The Craft. Good memories.

Without this horrendous movie (and Buffy) I would have never wanted to be a witch and I would have never created a magic band with friends at school haha. Let's be honnest, Fairuza (has a strange name) is a pretty lame actress but she is physically very interesting. She embodies the cheap goth feeling at its best.

Debi Mazar like Fairuza and played in Nowhere with Rachel True . How can you be so cool that it doesn't even matter if you played in amazing movies like Nowhere and awful stuff like Beethoven! I do think that is the power of Hollywood.

(After this picture) Here are some amazing videos that I love at the moment:

And, well, all the Agent Provocateur videos.

... and so many others <3

To conclude, go and spend hours on this amazing blog with so many GREAT movies from all over the world.

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Exo. a dit…

Cracks <3

thiob a dit…

J'ai enfin lu ton post dans son intégralité. Malheureusement, au boulot, je ne peux voir aucune vidéo ni aucune photo. Snif !

En tout cas, j'ai trainé un peu sur le blog Vintage Vandalzm et je dosi bien avouer que cette meuf (Jasmin ?) a TROP la classe !

Aussi, il va falloir que je regarde le pilote de la série d'Araki. Et que j'aille faire un tour sur le blog Foreign Movies DDL.

PS : Agent Provocateur est amour. (J'avais regardé la vidéo il y a quelques temps de ça, miam !)

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