samedi 21 août 2010


I've always thought it was interesting to write my blog in my maternal language. But at the same time I think it is a good thing to be understood by (nearly) everyone. I'm too lazy and busy to write in french AND english so from now on I'm going to write my articles exclusively in english. It's a bit sad but I'm talking with people from so many parts of the world on the internet and I think it's quite necessary. I hope my english will be good enough though.

Talking about the people I met on the internet I wanted to do a little tribute to some of them. Because generally speaking they all have something interesting to talk about.

Tom runs one of the most amazing blog about esoteric and weird art stuff I've ever visited. He is a clever and mysterious boy and is good at writing.

Timothé is so nice. Living in Russia he manages to speak french quite well! Above all, he lives in the city of Love-Fine. And god only knows how amazing they are!

Kelly is the cuttest english girl. She has amazing tastes (imagine a girl who listens to Penetration, Black Flag, Bad Brains and Nicki Minaj!) and have that tumblr account with many pictures that could be used as wallpapers on my computer!

Thiob is the coolest emoboy in town (besides emo he listens to Cosmetics!). I don't say it very often but we ran together a blogspot about emo/hardcore/noise/whatever music. If you feel like you want to cry/ scream/laugh loudly try our blog. I only post female fronted bands as usual!

Angélica has perfect tastes and comes from Colombia which is exotic. She has that tumblr account which has the greatest new-wave-oriented name ever. She's the kind of girl who likes //TENSE//. Everything has been said.

*Ro at the end runs a great blog with reviews of (pop)punk/hardcore/emo records. Always a lot of informations and details. Real quality blog.

But of course there are so many blogs and website that I like. My layout doesn't allow me to have a favorite section which is quite frustrating but here is a list of great blogs/tumblr/websites from people I know/talk to/used to talk to: Saw light (and all his favorite blogs), Still No Change, Fish Turn Pink, Zorch Factory Records, BlueDatura (Higly Recommended!), Nymphe...

I forget so many blogs.. sorry. I think I'll come and update this post sometimes.


I admit I've been teasing you with amazing pictures from the beginning of my post. In fact I've just discovered this website with outtakes from Mama Clothing photoshoots. I was crazy when I saw it. So Beautiful. So Glamourous. So PERFECT. Talking about perfection, I've also found that great project by Aviva Klein to celebrate the fierceness of the Bandana Culture. And I cannot wait! One picture to conclude the article: the classiest woman of the week.

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