vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Boring boring boring.

Hey Dolls!

First of all, here is Wendy Delorme's wordpress. I am so proud she decided to start her blog again after our interview. Make sure you visit it and read her first great article.


Then, don't forget that I have another blog called Saddest Landscape in reference to the best screamo band ever. I have just posted a new article with a female pop-punk compilation. Awesome tracklist, awesome women. A MUST HAVE guys!

Open Your eyes, and see beyond the rain. You're at the threshold of brighter days.

You can dl every single album on the blog because my partner, Thibault, has amazing tastes. You can trust us. Thibault also co present a radio program about Punk/Hardcore, you can find extra information here. Highly Recommended.


Talking about female vocals, I have just discovered two amazing bands: Summer Twins and Cowabunga Babes. I am sure you'll be super-obscure on if you listen to them now. They just appeared on Girl Crush which is always a great source for discoveries. I also came across this dark and arty video by Lykke Li for Solarium:

I mean... OMG. She is so beautiful. I can totally imagine her collaborating with bands like Einsturzende Neubauten or Coil. She has that strong and weird aura.

(yes, HURTS did not invent anything...)

That new tribalistic trend is growing bigger and bigger. And I realize I have never posted any Alek Wek pictures here. Actually, she is the most stunning black model out there.

And it leads us to the best fashion blog i've visited in AGES. Ladyfag is like a Frida creation mixed with a crazy Rossi de Palma and Monica Cervera inspiration. I love her blog. Is it pure spanish/mysterious genious.

To conclude, I wanted to talk about the new Gregg Araki's movie. But honnestly I am SO disappointed that I prefer not to. I prefer watching The Living End and cry for the emptiness of Kaboom. Talking about sadness, i have just found the song of my pre-teenage years. Always breaks my heart when I hear it...


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