dimanche 31 octobre 2010


When I first saw Lovers on IndieBubbles i was like "omg they look like a new The Organ". I was so sad when the former split up btw. I went on their myspace (yes, myspace is still alive and ready for big changes) right away and listenned to them like 10 times in a row. They do sound like The Organ but they have their own personnality for sure. I higly recommend you to dl/buy/listem to them if you're into bands like Tegan and Sara, Judy!, Terror Bird or Scanners for example and like female vocalists.

They're cute and they offer lots of goodies on their website! At last an indie band with a decent website! I'm so happy some people still think a myspace or a FB page is not a real website. Here are some questions I asked them few days ago...

1) What's the story behind the band's name?

Its a lens in which you can see a beautiful life.

2) How's life in Porland? What's your opinion about the local scene - Any favorite bands?

Portland is a very supportive environment with lots of bands and art. We love it there. We are really into the bands lavender mirror and lesbians.

3) What kind of teenagers were you (any obsessions, funny stories) ?
Emily- I spanned many teenage social groups, obsessed with Madonna and was voted "most unique" in the yearbook.
Kerby - Homecoming queen in totally chaotic oversized clothing and carried a plastic samurai sword in my backpack. I was everybodys friend and totally misserable.
Carolyn - I most likely had a Gap sweater and loafers on, probably pretty shy, the editor of the literary magazine. I knew it was going to get better and it did.

3) Your album is really dark and beautiful. It reminds me of The Organ with a Tegan ans Sara influence. Do you like them? What are your influences?
We are influenced by our community, the people around us, each other and exceptional music of all kinds.

4) Tell us a bit more about the lyrics. I am pretty amazed by their quality. Influence in literature?
We love Carolyns lyrics!

(♥ I believe in Cedar Falls.
And I know I'm no miracle but I long to see your face
dried from crying and learning that you love to live.
If you ask a dead man what he's learned from dying he'd say,
"Give and give and give. That's how you live."
I believe in Cedar Falls ♥)

4) What are your favorite artists (music, movies, books) at the moment? Who would you like to work with?
The knife, Yoko Ono, Light Assylum, Tami Hart, Emily Baker, Tara Jepsen, Michelle Tea.

5) I really like your video. I think it totally fits your imagery and universe. Did you like to do it?
We don't know which one you need but we love making videos! ;)

6) You are making a lot of shows at the moment. Do you enjoy doing gigs? How is the public? Any unexpected surprises?

Our shows have been awesome and so has the public.
7) I am going to tell you some words, just tell me a word in return:

Pitchfork: Gardening
Gregg Araki: Who?
Queercore scene: The Haggard
This is England: This dyke is a hypebomb
Grunge: Donna Dresch
Riot girl: Her other bike is a broom
Feminism: Plants
Nail Art: Buddhish
Vogue: Men's Fashion , women's voices

Thank you very much!

Now you know how amazing Lovers are, I think you should also try some other bands that I love at the moment. To begin with, Whoa Hunx, sort of mix between Be Your Own Pet and Mika Miko. They're crazy and make amazing music. The singer is super cute and they're so obscur that they only have 11 listenners on (my sanctuary) last.fm.

A very special friend of mine also announced me that Julie Christmas, the amazing singer from the fabulous band Made out of babies is releasing solo album at the moment! She has always been one of my fav.

She's wild, sexy and stands in the angry girls front. By the way, the cover of the album is AWESOME.



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Tatiana a dit…

La pochette de Mares of Thrace, c'est Scott Hove (http://www.laluzdejesus.com/shows/2010/Hove/Hove2010.htm) (Découvert dans le dernier Juxtapoz^^)

Polly Noir. a dit…

Non en fait c'est la pochette de Julie Christmas! Mares of Thrace je l'ai juste inséré dans l'article parce que c'est Awesome et c'est des meufs gueulardes.

Tatiana a dit…

Ahah oui, autant pour moi.
En tout cas les 2 albums sont très bons :o)

Stéphane Malingue a dit…

cool et tendance selection sur votre blog, stéphane

Polly Noir. a dit…

Merci beaucoup :)

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